Cover your bases... even on the wedding day!



The wedding countdown is almost done. The day you’ve spent so much money to enjoy is drawing nearer by the minute! You’ll take safeguards to protect your marriage, why not protect your ceremony, reception, and guests as well?

Or, you run a small arts and crafts business, and you’re heading out to a show. You’ll be there for a few days, and want to make sure that you are covered against any liability that could be incurred while you are selling and showing your handicrafts from your booth.

For both of these instances, special events liability coverage can be a great asset for your peace of mind. Special events coverage protects you against liability resulting from bodily injury or property damage incurred during your event (or in the put-up and take-down days). Additionally, there is coverage for the liquor liability, if you’re going to have alcohol at your event.

There are some exclusions for special events liability insurance; typically, these include any liability resulting from fireworks or pyrotechnics, athletic liability (typically sold as a separate form of insurance), or mechanical amusements (such as carnival rides). However, these exclusions vary from carrier to carrier, and oftentimes you can purchase coverage at an additional premium.

Think it’s not worth it to purchase special events insurance? Think again. The average American wedding now costs upwards of $20,000, not including the rings. You’d be sure to insure a car you paid that much for… why not such special day?

Call us today to discuss your event and get a free quote for special events insurance. We’ll be glad to help you decide what coverage and how much you need, and do the legwork of finding a great policy for you!