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Think you don't need renters insurance? Think again! Add up the total replacement value of all of your things, and you might find that they’re worth more than you think. Your leather sofa and loveseat? $3,000. That brand-new MacBook? $1,500. Your 47” LED flat screen TV? $1,500. The diamond earrings your husband gave you for your anniversary? $200. Total that all up, and it’s still only a fraction of the replacement value of your possessions.

Smart Planning Insurance Group is an independent agency, which means that we have several insurance companies competing to get you the best rates on your renter’s insurance. Don’t just go with the basics – let us help you design a policy that’s perfect for you.

A typical renters policy covers:

  • Your personal property
  • Any temporary living expenses you incur in the event of a covered loss
  • Liability coverage, in case someone is injured on your premises
  • Medical payments for guests in the event of an injury

Some additional coverages you can select are:

  • Fine arts
  • Jewelry and other valuable personal property (such as your TV and your laptop computer)
  • Money and securities
  • Identity theft

Think you can’t afford renters insurance? We have discounts!

  • You can get discounts for carrying other policies with us, such as your auto or boat insurance
  • Discounts are available depending on your personal status (whether you’re married or single)
  • If you live in a gated community, you may be eligible for discounts
  • Fire/smoke detectors and other safety devices may get you discounts as well

Please note that discounts will vary depending on the insurance carrier you select.

Also, you may have the option to spread out your premium payments over a period of months, depending on the insurance carrier you select. Most carriers allow payment online or by mail.

Already have renters insurance? Let us help you evaluate your policy to make sure you’re getting the best coverage for your specific situation.

Looking to purchase coverage? Let us run you a free quote – it’ll only take a few minutes.

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