Sometimes, an apple a day isn't enough.


Outstanding healthcare benefits can be one of the most appealing aspects of a job, but whether you have two employees or two hundred (or two thousand!), finding a group health plan that fits your needs can be daunting. Should you choose a traditional plan? Or a pre-tax Health Savings Account (HSA)? Thankfully, with the help of experts like the agents at Smart Planning, the search doesn’t have to be painful.

It can be hard to choose a group health plan; deductibles, doctor networks, prescription drug coverage, and coverage limits are all variables that must be factored in. Choosing a plan with great coverage shouldn’t be hard work – at least not for you! We can help share that burden by walking you through the process, understanding your situation and that of your employees, and quoting your needs with various insurance companies to get the best plan for your business.

Sometimes, an apple a day isn't enough.

All individuals and families should have health insurance to protect themselves against the uncertainties of modern life.

Here at SPIG, our goal is to help you identify ways to reduce those uncertainties by evaluating your situation and determining the major risks you might encounter. After getting to know you and your situation, we will then try to find the best health insurance coverage to meet your needs at a premiumthat fits your budget. Once you’ve purchased the policy that is just right for you, you can sleep easy knowing that in any event, big or small, you’ll be prepared to reduce your costs without impacting your lifestyle.

Life is too short to burden yourself with countless hours researching and guessing on the right health insurance coverage. Contact SPIG today for a free basic interview and quote, and one of our experienced health insurance agents will help you review a new or existing health plan. Start today with a smart decision and live life to the fullest with the assurance of having the health insurance plan that’s exactly right for you.