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Insure that Dump Truck!


Just like you’d never drive your personal vehicle without having insurance coverage, you want to be sure that your business vehicles and employees are covered on a commercial vehicle policy. Whether you’ve got a couple dump trucks or a whole fleet of rental vehicles, a commercial auto policy can help you manage the risk involved in owning vehicles and allowing employees to drive them. Typical commercial vehicle coverage is very similar to personal vehicle coverage: you still choose your property damage, bodily injury, and personal injury limits, and you have options to include comprehensive and collision coverage, as well as towing, extended transportation, and uninsured/underinsured motorists property damage and bodily injury.

Whether your business has only one vehicle or a whole fleet, commercial vehicle insurance is one of the most critical coverages your business can purchase. Depending on the uses for your vehicle(s), the levels of coverage and the cost of your premiums will vary, so let us help you walk through the steps of choosing the absolute best coverage for your business.

Still have more questions? The Insurance Information Institute is a great resource for understanding and evaluating your insurance options. Check out this article about commercial auto coverage:

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