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In today’s society, where high-dollar lawsuits are the rule rather than the exception, commercial general liability (CGL) coverage is critical to insure any bodily injury or property damage that occurs in the routine operations of your business. Along with worker’s compensation, CGL is probably the most important insurance coverage any business could obtain.

There are many factors that come into play when deciding what the coverage limits of you CGL policy should be. First among them is the type of business you are doing. If, for example, you run a manufacturer that runs heavy equipment rather than paper products or other textiles, you probably are at a higher risk for claims, and thus should purchase higher liability limits. Additionally, it is good to know the “legal climate” of the area in which you’re operating: is the state have a history of awarding damages to the plaintiff? If so, you should probably look at higher liability limits.

CGL coverage can be purchased separately, but is oftentimes rolled into a package with property insurance (in case your building burns down, or some other claim pertaining to your facility). These packages are called Business Owner’s Policies (BOP). Depending on the liability limits you need, however, it may be more beneficial for you to purchase these lines of insurance separately than as a package.

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